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The health of your smile is always our priority at the office of Evelyn Grace S. Neglerio DMD. We offer a range of advanced dental services to ensure that you continue to enjoy all the perks that come with excellent oral health. In addition to your routine checkups and preventive dental care regimen, as your San Diego dentist, we further encourage our patients to keep up a nutritious diet for your continued oral health.

San Diego Dentist

We’re all familiar with the fact that foods and drinks that are high in sugar are bad for your teeth. At a microscopic level, the bacteria that live in our mouths thrive off of sugar, metabolizing them to produce acids, which are capable of eroding the enamel of our teeth. Combining a diet rich in sugar with inadequate oral hygiene practices is a sure recipe for tooth decay—the process responsible for cavities. Along the same lines, foods that contain acids themselves can also cause harm to the teeth. However, just as there are foods that are bad for your oral health, there are also foods rich in nutrients that can help to keep your teeth and gums strong, boosting your resistance to dental disease. Foods which are particularly good for your oral health are high in the minerals calcium and phosphorous, as well as foods rich in vitamins D and C. In addition, crunchy fruits and vegetables that are high in water cause us to produce more saliva, which allows for better cleansing of the teeth.

As part of a holistic approach to oral care, our office provides detailed nutritional guidance to help you make wise food choices to support your dental health and overall being. By combining a healthy diet with routine checkups with your San Diego dentist, together we can keep you smiling in the best of health! To schedule your next checkup, call today!

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