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Where can I find a San Diego Family Dentist?

At the office of Evelyn Grace S. Neglerio DMD, our distinguished dental team offers a comprehensive range of advanced dental services for patients of all ages, making us an excellent one-stop resource to address your family’s dental needs. Whether you’re considering brightening your smile with our professional teeth whitening services, or your little ones are due for their back to school checkup, your San Diego family dentist is well equipped to help. Our team remains current with the latest developments in the field to provide you and your loved ones with the state-of-the-art dental care you each deserve.

San Diego Family Dentist

When it comes to your kids, any dentist will tell you that cavities are the most common pediatric dental condition. At our office, your San Diego family dentist provides the careful hands-on instruction, education, and specialized treatment services necessary to help reduce your children’s risk of dental disease. With treatments like the periodic application of topical fluoride to their teeth, we can help strengthen and protect their developing teeth from decay. We also provide professional teeth cleanings, and will take the time to offer your kids encouraging instruction in the proper methods of brushing and flossing. At every stage of life, we encourage our patients to visit office every six months so that we can monitor their ongoing oral health and keep a close watch out for any emerging dental issues. This enables us to catch problems early in their onset on when they’re often easiest to treat. When dental issues arise, you can rest assured that we’re dedicated to providing the most precise and gentle care for your smile. From routine fillings, to advanced treatments for gum disease and the replacement of missing teeth, you’ll be in the best of hands at our office. For any athletes in the family, we also provide sports mouthguards to reduce the risk for dental injury while playing sports.

When it comes to you and your family members, choose the office of Evelyn Grace S. Neglerio DMD as your San Diego family dentist. Equipped to provide the highest quality care for patients of all ages, we welcome the opportunity to make you smile at our office! To schedule your next visit, call us today!

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